Digital Photo Cut 2.0

Digital Photo Cut 2.0: Cut digital photos to fit photo paper, perform more retouching operations. This utility will help you cut your photo images made by a digital photocam. The proportions of digital photos does not match the proportions of standard photo paper. This program will make optimal crop operation on your images in a single click or copy operation if no cut operation is possible. Easy interface helps to process up to 10 photos in a minute. Red-Eye reduction, contrast, brightness management is included.

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SendTo Magic 3.0.3

SendTo Magic 3.0 helps you maximize the powerful SendTo menu by giving you more file management options. SendTo Magic allows you to use the SendTo menu for copying and moving files, creating shortcuts and zip files, as well as uploading files to FTP sites. SendTo Magic can help you copy and move files more quickly by remembering the folders you have recently used, and by providing a simple, yet powerful interface.

move, sendto menu, file, folder, copy, shell, sendto, shortcut

Classic Mustang Analyzer 7.2: Helps the Mustang enthusiast research 1964 through 1993 Ford Mustangs.
Classic Mustang Analyzer 7.2

Helps the Mustang enthusiast research 1964 through 1993 Ford Mustangs. Checks the authenticity of the cars construction for restoration purposes or just for fun. Information is supplied on axles, bodies, dates, engines, interior and exterior paint, transmissions and more. Extensive help files are provided and a tutorial is available. Produce a window sticker, plan shows, and track restoration.

hobby, antique, mustang, musclecar, collectible, auto, ford, classic, analyzer, automobile

12Ghosts Clip 9.52: Easily create pictures of what you see on the screen, active window, menu.
12Ghosts Clip 9.52

Easily make screen shots of the whole screen or of single windows. Screen shots can be helpful to store information you come across. You may easily create pictures of what you see on the screen for a documentation about a website or a software program, for example. Screen shots will also help software support to better understand your problem. Just take a snap shot of the problem area and attach it to your e-mail.

screen shot, clip, active window, print

Pst2mail 1.4: Extract / find / retrieve email addresses from Outlook folder or pst file.
Pst2mail 1.4

helpfull to recover addresses of people you contacted when you`ve lost somehow your address book. But also for instance a good help for employers, managers, supervisors or system controllers wanting to check what external contacts the employees have. It looks for the "from" and "to" fields in the selected pst file and returns the according email addresses. (*) With unprotected we mean "no encryption at all". Pst files protected with a password can

recovery, extraction, windows, recover, file, contact, find, folder, microsoft, adresses, program, email, addres

SCEA Part 2 & Part 3 Exam EPractize Labs 1.0: Part 2 Assignment and Part 3 essay preparation simulator.
SCEA Part 2 & Part 3 Exam EPractize Labs 1.0

Helps you to understand the real-world software related problems and solutions. Architecture Lab - Worked out architectureal solutions for the project requirements given in the project lab. Helps you to preparare your Part 2 assignment exam. Mock Exams - Set of mock exams based on Part 3 essay exam. Helps you to understand the design concepts and decisions. Focus Lab - Focus Lab stores all the wrongly answered questions in every lab. It classifies

j2ee scea, sun certified java architect, architect, enterprise, j2ee architect certification, certified, scea exam, sun certified architect, scea assignment, scea mock exam, scea prep, j2ee architect, scea

AI Robot 4.0: An amazingly easy-to-use software that automates repetitive tasks quickly.
AI Robot 4.0

AI Robot helps you save thousands of clicks and keystrokes. Reduce your repetitive tasks to a single mouse click or a keystroke! It helps automate your tasks on computer. We always need to do repetitive tasks on our computer, with AI Robot, you has an robot assist you do all these repetitive work. AI Robot runs automatically without any intension from you. You can set it run how many times or run forever until to come back and click on stop.

automation, automate, robot, auto mouse click

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